The Artist & Production Team



Fleur Elise Noble is a director, maker and performer. She works with the mediums of drawing, painting, sculpture, puppetry, costume, set design, animation, film, editing, projection, performance and dance to create art works, animated films and visual performances.  ROOMAN is her second major production, and like her first, the story and physical material that she uses to tell it, has been developed and refined over about 5 years.

Fleur has a background in visual arts, physical theatre and community work. She studied on full scholarships at art schools in Adelaide (Adelaide Central School of Art) and New York (New York Studio School). In 2008 she was a directing intern with Zen Zen Zo Physical Theatre, after which she went on to perform in a number of dance/physical theatre productions. Over the years, Fleur has worked with many arts, theatre and multimedia professionals and has been the recipient of numerous grants and awards for her work.

Her most renowned work to date is her visual performance ‘2-Dimensional Life of Her’, which was invited to perform at over 40 venues and festivals around the world, including; The 2012 London Mime festival at The Barbican, the 2013 Under The Radar Festival at The Public Theatre in New York, as well as in LA, Brazil, Iran, South Korea and extensively throughout Europe, Australia and New Zealand.  In 2011 2D Life of Her was selected to represent Australia at the World Congress of Theatre for Young People. In 2010 Fleur won the Green Room Award for Video Design, and in 2013 she was awarded a prestigious Bessie (New York Dance and Theatre Award) for most Outstanding Visual Design.

Fleur also works as a workshop leader and media producer on the Sharing Stories Foundation’s Digital Storytelling Workshops- facilitating drawing, animation, film-making and projection projects with elders and young people in remote indigenous communities. Her ongoing relationship with indigenous peoples and their stories has deeply inspired her own practice and in particular, the ROOMAN project.

In 2013 Fleur received an Arts SA Triennial Project Grant for the development of ROOMAN. Since then, she has been working full-time on the project. In 2015 Fleur began the process of collaborating with Jamaican-Canadian singer and songwriter Sarah Reid, along with numerous other musicians such as Zaachariaha Fielding, Tim Bennett, Peter Knight, Mal Webb and Missi Mel Pesa to develop the music/soundscape for ROOMAN. Over the years she has recruited a number of highly skilled dancers to perform in aspects of the production, along with with artists/ costume designers such as Bryony Anderson (the mother of Rooman!), Sara Yael and Kasia Tons.

This will be the first dance musical extravaganza in Fleur’s repertoire of creations.

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MISSI MEL PESA (Sound Design)

Fleur and I met through the Sharing Stories Foundation, creating new media sound design and animations collaboratively with children from remote Indigenous communities. We both loved working with the energy and raw talent of the children, and thrived on the organic nature of the work. Fleur and I discovered that we shared a unique creative chemistry as artists, which made it only natural for us to work together on ROOMAN.

My arts practice blurs the lines between cinematic sound design and musical composition by amplifying and experimenting with sounds I collect from nature. For ROOMAN, I collected sounds encountered through my work in remote Australian Country, creating an intimate and immersive ecology of place through sound design.

I am a Croatian-born Australian artist with a background in music composition and sound design for film, and once spent a year in Japan as a piano bar entertainer. I hold a Masters of Orchestration for Film and Television from the Berklee School of Music and a Graduate Diploma in Sound from the AFTRS, In 2014 I received a WIFT NSW Screen Music Mentorship Award through APRA.

I have music releases under the name Melbient through the label Arrival Sounds.

ROOMAN Credits 

Creator & Director:
Fleur Elise Noble
Projected Characters:
Fleur Elise Noble & Rooman Manroo
Designer, Projection Artist & Puppet Maker:
Fleur Elise Noble
Sound Design:
Missi Mel Pesa (AKA Melbient)
Production Operator & Stage Manager:
Niccolo Gallio
Contributing Composers & Musicians:
Sarah Reid, Zaachariaha Fielding, Tim Bennett, Peter Knight, Mal Webb, Missi Mel Pesa Time-Lapse Photography :
Simon Carroll
Drawer & Animators:
Fleur Elise Noble, Tim Bennet & Isobel Knowles
Costume Creators:
Fleur Elise Noble, Bryony Anderson, Kasia Tons & Sara Yael (AKA Lily Castel)
Insite Arts
Contributing Dancers:
Fleur Elise Noble, Daniel Fels, Sarah Reid, Jack Ladd, Tina Torabi, Helen Smith, Alana Hoggart, Adam Forbes, Tim Bennett, Ruby Ladd, Clare McDonald, Tom Carlyon, Gabrielle New, Pierre Proske, Tony Martin, Mish Birch, Jack Tuathail, Jonathan Van Dujin, Matthijis Bill Rietveld, Falco Ara Macao, Marlin-Jack Melis, Emelia Bickerdike, Roy Chang & Yollana Shore


And a special thank you to all those who have helped make this possible:

Daniel Fels, Ruby Ladd, Kasia Tons, John Feely, Jack Ladd, Lucy Scott, Tina Torabi, Benjamin Hobbs, Adriana Navarro, Peter Stafford, Keez Duyvez, Lauchlan Teltlow-Stewart, Graham and Judy Rees, George the Man, Arts QLD, WOMADelaide, Coopers Malthouse Theatre, Mel Cantwell/Perth Theatre Company, Windmill Theatre, Arts House & InsiteArts.

This project was funded and supported by Australia Council for the Arts, Arts SA, Arts Queensland and Windmill Theatre.