What’s it all about?

ROOMAN is a project with a couple of faces. Over the coming years it will take the form of a visual-performance/stage show and a series of picture books. The project is centered around a half-man-half-kangaroo character whom Fleur Elise Noble met in a dream. In 2011 she followed him through the desert for three months. This journey seeded the beginnings of the ROOMAN story, and over the years he has become the vessel through which to explore the concept of following ones dreams, both literally and metaphorically speaking…

photo by John Feely

photo by John Feely



ROOMAN (The stage show) is a rich tapestry of puppetry, projection, drawing, dance and live music. Like a low-tech hologram, or a high-fi paper pop-up book, ROOMAN takes the audience on a journey inside worlds of animated universes as they unfold upon a giant 3-dimensional paper set. ROOMAN is a story of romance, fantasy and the pursuit of happiness. A story that we can all, in some way, relate to. A girl meets a kangaroo man in her dreams and falls in love. Obsessed by his reality, and the idea of becoming a part of it, she takes desperate measures to spend more time with him. Her obsession leads her into the darkest depths of the human psyche.

ROOMAN is about following your dreams, and seeing what kind of a journey that can take you on. But more importantly, it’s about waking up and living.



The Rooman books will exist in the form of diaries from Rooman’s travels. The reader will follow Rooman as he travels across countries, and into other dimensions, meeting various characters that open doors to new perspectives and ways of understanding his relationship with himself and the world in which he lives.

ROOMAN is supported by ARTS SA